231 (1)The novel has many twists and turns, but its suspenseful scenes are tempered by the easygoing, friendly atmosphere of the town [of Trinidad] where its drama unfolds. The novel has received excellent reviews and is available on Amazon.com. It has won praise from reviewers for its strong character development and interesting plot lines. Sidney Sheldon was critical in her development as a writer.

A delightful read with more unexpected twists

and turns than a plunge down Space Mountain!

This author always has a cast of unique

characters and a plot that will keep you

guessing what’s coming next.”

     Lori Robertson, Author, Night Songs

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image1116Breecie Lemay fears the gun hidden in her father’s staircase is the same weapon that killed her mother. In search of the truth, she’s thrust into a world of her father’s only true legacy… lies.Warnings become death threats because she knows too much.

She knows nothing.

She can trust no one.

EVIL CRIES The sociopath notices the panties lying on the floor next to his motionless victim. He picks them up, wads them in his hands, delighted at the prospect. He shudders with delight and maybe apprehension. Should he keep them? Yes, he should. Trophies. But what will he do with them? Where should he hide them where they will live on forever?The psychopath snatches the panties from the dead. Once in his hands he gently folds them, starting from the left, then center to the right, then up from the bottom to meet the top. He tucks them inside the silk case he has in his left breast pocket. He’s been adding to his collection for years. And like all new trophies, he knows exactly where this newest pair of intimates will go.And all should cry.

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Kiss and Kill Cover

Just when romance author Chyna Blaze decides to give up her life of fear and anxiety, and the inevitable panic-attacks that ensue, she faces a new problem. Her peers are being knocked-off, one at a time, and the persistent detective insists she’s high on the list.

When her publicist arranges for a couple of fake dates with the well-known literary giant, she finds the idea annoying but harmless.

Orson Locke had given up writing years ago, but he isn’t giving up any of his vices. He likes his sugar straight out of the cans of white icing, chased by plenty of bourbon. He likes his Poe. And he likes his temptations well-sated.

 Coming in late winter 2014 Bye Bye Bones