Magical Realism

The Traveling Cane & the Art of Forgiveness

My travels continue. I am still that humble cane who lands in the right place with the person in need of my assistance.
Oh, the places we’ll go!

We'll experience extreme glacier trekking, see more of the desert southwest and visit poor Mexican villages. We'll be deep blue water yachting and traveling coast to coast by train, riding on a big rig to South Carolina, and even going on pursuit of sacred water.

In the human experience, I have no choice where I land. Most of the people I assist are delightful. Some are difficult.

This time is different. My charges will feel the need to give or seek forgiveness. This can be challenging. It’s a deeply soul-searching process as humans must dig deep to find and resolve the conflict in their souls.

Some tragedy? Yes. But they will realize peace for all involved.

The Traveling Cane 

While enduring a life sentence and with nothing left to live for, inmate George McClendon carves what appears to be a quite ordinary cane. Rather plain. Sturdy, but a bit crooked.

And, very much alive.

Are you curious?

I am that cane. I seem to be left behind at the right place, at the right time, and for the right person in need of my assistance.

My journeys continue as I begin to understand both tenderness and dismay when communicating with humans. This deeper appreciation expands far beyond the spoken words that bring goodness, delight, despair, and magic along my traveling way.

I’m but a mere cane. With a heart.