From the Author

I’m glad you came to this page! My letter to you. For me, it’s my scary page!

I want to share with you things you may not know about me. Secret stuff that makes me who I am.

I separated from my first husband with an ‘almost’ two-year old, and one human being growing in my belly. Not the best of times, but looking back, it was a time of building inner strength, as often these things go.

I knew I had to go big to survive financially, so I’m rather proud that I blended careers in selling high-end real estate while providing exemplary interior design services. I’m grateful it paid the bills, but my heart was not rewarded.

I married my soul mate in 1988. He took on me and my two sons.

In 2001, an empty nester and married to this guy who was passionate about his work, I remembered my fifth grade teacher encouraging me to write. I also remembered the strongbox hidden in my closet, filled with notes and what if’s if I were going to ever write a book.

I write suspense and with that comes a bit of gore. I pass out at the sight of blood. Anything over about three tablespoons and you will find me on the floor.

I write what I love to read and watch, but I’m mindful of the wickedness in my works. I always strive to give back a socially redeeming message. Sometimes it’s about morals, or perhaps, enlightening my readers as to what might be going on in their own backyards. I write fiction, but I am pretty serious about some facts.

Last secret. I’m rather skinny. Always a perfect size six, I inched up toward an eight. I lost weight when my mother, who lived with me and my husband for years, passed away in 2008. It is not a diet I recommend. It’s the grief diet. For some reason the weight hasn’t come back but for a few good pounds. I’m not proud of this diet. Not one bit. I irregularly post a blog, My Skin Used to Fit. This was a title my beloved mother gifted to me, where we can openly explore the crap of getting older.

That’s me. For now.

Always feel free to contact me. It’s just me!